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  • Activity about 16 hours ago
  • Response time: 1 day
  •  Gymnázium, Opava
  •  Univerzita Pardubice, Fakulta restaurování
  •  prefers sitting: up to 20 hours/week
  •  I babysit at parents' place
  •  I have a car
  •  I can take kids by car
  •  she can babysit 3 kids
  •   Birthday parties and other
  •   Travel for Vacations
  •   Overnights
  •   Groups of kids

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About me

My name is Anna and I am currently studying at the Faculty of Restoration in Litomyšl. I attended a grammar school and graduated with excellent grades, so it would not be a problem to teach your children. I am friendly, reliable, responsible, and hardworking. I learn quickly. As the 2nd oldest child in our family, I am used to the company of younger children. In addition, despite my age, I partially preserve the "soul of the child" and a rich imagination, so small children always like me, because I can still play with them and create fun situations. In my free time, I like to read, draw, listen to gramophone records or watch movies. I love cooking and baking. I like roller-skating, riding a bike, going for walks and mountain hikes.

General Experience


no experience


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Skills and Hobbies

Drawing, painting and Dance/physical activity

Lukostřelba, plavání, aktivity typu jízda na kole/bruslích, lyžování

Tutoring children

Czech language


general preparation


Czech, English, Spanish, and Slovak

Angličtina na úrovni B2 - C1 Španělština na úrovni B1 Němčina + Italština základy Nikdy jsem neměla s jazyky problém, takže myslím, že zvládnu i doučit, co je potřeba (i pokud jde o češtinu)

Where babysit

Primary city: Opava, Moravskoslezský kraj

Where am I available too?: Litomyšl, Pardubický kraj

Za normálního stavu školství jsem přes týden v Litomyšli a na víkend doma (Litultovice - 12 km od Opavy). Aktuálně jsem ale neustále v Litultovicích.