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Bara P.

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  • 21 years
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Eva K.13. May 19:33Babysitting - via this platform

Slečna Barunka je velmi spolehlivá, milá, rychle reaguje na zprávy, je dochvilná. Děti si ji hned oblíbily. Jsme velmi spokojení.

About me

Dear family,
My name is Bara and I´m 21 years old. I´m from Olesnice in Czech Republic bit I´m studiing in Brno. I enjoy working with children and I think working as an au pair would be ideal for me.
I have plenty experience with children. I have got 4 years younger sister Kate so I had to look after her very often when she was a kid. Now one day in a week I look after my younger cousins. Their names are Vitek and Stella. Vitek is 6 years old boy and Stella is 3 years old little girl. We play boardgames or we go to the park for a walk. We always have got a lot of fun. Sometimes I look after the children of friends of my parents. I also used to work as a programme leader at children summer camps. I prepared games as well as some educational activities for them (The interesting thing was the children always enjoyed the games more than education! How so?! :-)) I also have lived abroad for four months in a Scotish family in Aberdeen as an au pair. I was looking after two children, boy Bobby (8 years old) and Mimi (6 years old). I really enjoyed many adventures with them and it was an amazing experience for me.
Now I live in small village Olesnice but I´m studying in Brno so most of the time I am here. In Olešnice I live in mansion with big garden with my parents and my sister. Her name is Kate. We have got a lot of animals. We have got two horses and I´m responsible for them. I do dressage and I go to competitions with my horse. Dressage taught me being patient. :-) We have got two cats too.
I was studiing at Jan Opletal´s grammar school in Litovel (2009 - 2017) and I graduated in 2017. Now I attend Masaryk University in Brno. I am studiing law.
I work as a touristic guide at castle Bouzov. I have worked there for two years every weekend. My workload is communicate with the visitors and tell them the information about the castle Bouzov. The castle is visited by groups from many foreign countries so I also have got tours in English.
I´m studying English for ten years. Now I have got B2 level. I can also speak French. I have learned it for five years and now I have got B1 level. I have had clear driving license since 2016 and I am active driver.
I´m communicative and outgoing person. I´m also reliable and I don´t mind working. I am always smiley, active and very easy-going. I don’t complain often and I am very flexible. I’ve got a good sense of humour.
As I wrote above I do horse riding. I like many different sports, for example cycling, skiing or swimming. I´m also keen on reading books or drawing.
I´m no smoker and completely healthy.


pondělí (ráno -13:00), středa (12:00- večer), čtvrtek (ráno - večer), pátek (ráno -večer)

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Drawing, painting and Sport


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Primary city: Brno-Černovice