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  •  Univerzita Karlova, Právnická fakulta
  • First Aid Certificate
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  •  I have a car
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  •  she can babysit 5 kids
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She attended the first aid course with certificate.
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Veronika K.

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  • 25 years
  • 8 years experience


Curt b.19/01/2020Babysitting - via this platform

My wife and I would like to say that Veronika is the BEST sitter we have had in any of the hotels/countries we have visited. This includes Portugal, Spain, Romania, italy, France, and Slovenia. She is the absolute best. We can’t imagine a more intelligent, adaptable and sincere caregiver. My son is sometimes a little rambunctious. She very easily built rapporte with him and they had a wonderful time. Now he wants me to fly her to our home to watch him. Lol. You will not be disappointed. My wife is pretty critical of sitters and Veronika really impressed her. She very easily left us with that comfortable feeling only a parent can understand. Thank you again are an impressive young lady and we wish you the best.

Petra K.09/03/2019Cleaning

Milá slečna, pečlivá, rychlá. Stačí říct "potřebuji uklidit koupelnu" a není třeba vyjmenovávat každou činnost zvlášť, ví, co má dělat :) S úklidem jsem byla spokojená.

About me

Hi, I am 25 y. o., gradueted lawyer, responsible. I babysit in Prague and in Mnisek pod Brdy and nearby.

I have lot of experince with kids - babysitiing, turoring and alco I have a medical course from 2017 so each yera I go to summer camp as medic.


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General Experience


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Special Experience

Asthma, Food Allergies, and Sleep Disorders

Skills and Hobbies



Czech, English, and German

Angličtina - B2 Němčina - B1



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Where babysit:

Primary city: Mníšek pod Brdy, Středočeský kraj

Where am I available too?: Praha 5

Mnisek pod Brdy a okoli + Praha