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  • First Aid Certificate
  •  Overnight stay at dogs (cats...) home
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  •  Dog walking
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  •  Medium (up to 25kg)
  •  Big (up to 40kg)
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About me

Hello, my name is Tereza and I'm nineteen years old right now. At the moment I'm also a student in the last year of high school (Czech middle school). I would love to find a job, which is from a long-term point of view fulfilling and beneficial for others.
If I have to describe my relationship with animals, I should definitely say that the relationship is more than positive. At the age of ten me and my family owned beagle Deny; at the same time we had a small abandoned kitty. Right now we live with two dogs - border collie (two years old) and papillon (eight years old). Whether you have a dog or a cat, you don't have to be worried about them. I would love to spend some time with your pets, we will play together, go outside for walks into nature or just to parks. I will definitely use my love to take a good care of your pets.
Last but not least , I can take care of hamsters, rabbits, rats and birds as well. If I don't know something at the time, I would love to learn it quickly and properly. After all they are your pets and they need to be loved and satisfied.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

What are the most important things for me to know about your pets?
- his/her health condition
- the relationship to other pets/animals/people (mainly to children)
- his/her specific needs
- his/her habits (how much he or she needs to eat, how many times does he or she need to go outside)

What could be problematic for me?
- seriously ill animals
- very aggressive pets

Which animals are totally unknown for me?
- reptiles and amphibians


Ve většině případů mám čas v odpoledních hodinách (hlavně pokud jde o dny jako pondělí, čtvrtek a pátek); dále mohu o víkendu a to klidně i přes polovinu dne.

Current calendar is not availaible


Czech, English, and German

Jazykové znalosti stručně: - anglický jazyk na úrovni B2 (certifikát FCE, úroveň B2) - německý jazyk středoškolské úrovně - španělský jazyk úrovně úplného začátečníka (samouk)


Certifikát úrovně B2, zkouška FCE

Where care:

Primary city: Plzeň 4