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Barbora M.

  • 19 years

About me

Dear pet keepers,
my name is Barbora, I am 19 years old and I am studying Czech language and literature at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. As for pets, as a child I took care of hamsters, last year I took care of a cat, a parrot and a turtle, for 3 months of a dog as well. I don't have animals at the moment, but I enjoy spending time with them and taking care of them. I like to take your pet for a walk, play with him, feed him and give him as much love as possible :) In general, I have a strong relationship with animals and I always like to spend time with them. Unfortunately, due to a bit difficult situation regarding housing (moving from place to place, roommates), I cannot take the pet with me, however, I have no problem visiting it and spending time with him at your place :)

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Before the first time meeting your pet I would like to know as much information as possible about him/her/them. Every animal has its own personality and I approach them that way - so I like to know basic informations such as gender, race, age, if he/she/they go well with other animals or strangers same as I'd like to know what games he/she/they enjoy, whether it's more of a grunt or a more playful type, if he/she/they like to cuddle or keep distance, if he/she/they are moody and the favorite toy :)


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Czech, English, French, and Slovak

Anglicky se dorozumím bez problému, slovensky rozumím, ale nemluvím, francouzsky jsem se učila, ale tím, že ji nepoužívám, zvládám jen základy, češtinu momentálně studuji na Filozofické fakultě MU, v minulosti jsem češtinu doučovala.

Where care:

Primary city: Slatina