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Dagmar T.

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  • 31 years
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About me

Hello! My name is Dasha and I would like to offer you here walking and taking care of your dogs, cats and other animals (birds, reptiles...). I always had some pets since I was a kid - hamsters, mice, rabbit, parakeet, canary. During college we had Stafford/Ridgeback crossbreed. I also have experiences with cats and even though I don't have any, I take care of my friends cats when needed. Currently my only pets are two tarantulas. I love all the animals and I can even come and take care of other cuties than mammals :) I live alone in an appartment in Zizkov, right between Vitkov hill and Parukarka park, therefore I have endless possibilities for walking doggos and there's also possibility to accomodate them at my place. I work from home so I can accompany them all day long :)

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I need to know about the age of the animal, health, personality, if it's obedient, how it can stand other animals and people, it's habbits, what and how often to feed them and whatever optional quirks, if there are any. For the other animals than dogs and cats, of course I don't have experiences with all of them, but with proper instructions I'm looking forward to them too. I'd love to learn about as many animals as possible :)


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Primary city: Praha 3