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Denisa R.

  • 27 years

About me

Have a nice day everyone,
My name is Denisa.

I offer your dog or your cat sitting and walking. I grew up with a dog and cats, I love animals and I like to spend time with them. I don't have my own dog or cat at the now. I am flexible in time, mostly able to adapt to your time requirements.
With your dog, I would go for a walk, or to a dog park, or a training ground in the area. I'd play with him, fed, cuddle too. I have the opportunity to take the dog to me, but I can visit the dog in your home. Only walking is possible. Regularly and suddenly.
I will also take care of your cats, change their water, pour granules, or give a dainty pocket, change the sand and also play with them and cuddle if your pet wants. :-)

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I`ll give care your little and medium sized dog or cat. I care about any old animal. I have no animal at home, therefore, watch dog and cat, who can not stand with other animals, or with children.


Momentálně flexibilně kdykoliv po domluvě.

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Czech and English


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Primary city: Praha 6