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Adéla H.

  • 18 years

About me

Dear pet owners, my name is Adela and I’m a huge lover of animals and pets. I myself have had mamy different dogs (one time even 4 at once) varying from yorkshire terriers, long-haired terries or rottweilers. I also had a rabbit and I still have a horse, so I can take care of a wide variety of animals. I don’t have any problem with taking care of your animals at your place or at my home.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

What breed is your pet? What is his/her personality? How dods he take other animals? What are his/her habits? Does he/she have any special behavior patterns or does he/she require some special care?


Kterýkoliv den podle domluvy, mění se mi program týden co týden ale přizpůsobím se čemukoliv.

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Czech, English, and German

Češtinu i angličtinu ovládám jako rodilý mluvčí, tedy C2 a více a německý jazyk ovládám na úrovni B1-B2.

Where care:

Primary city: Praha 2