Insurance up to 1 000 000 CZK

Children accident insurance for each reserved babysitting through Hlídač

Rest assured

Because the safety of your children is of utmost importance to us, with each babysitting booking that you make through Hlidač, you automatically receive a children accident insurance guarantee.

Protection for every child

The safety of your children during babysitting is guaranteed thanks to Česká Pojišťovna. Accident insurance covers up to 1 000 000 CZK. Have a look at detailed conditions of insurance.

It's extremely unlikely ...

But if anything would happen, we prepared a simple procedure for you:

1. On Hlídač, find the babysitting booking during which the accident happened.
2. Report the accident on Česká pojišťovna's website.
3. Contact us so we can deliver confirmation of the contract.


Is it a liability insurance?

No, it is not babysitter's liability insurance. It is an accident insurance for the child.

Is the child protected under any conditions?

Understandably the insurance has some exclusions. For example extreme sports or a worsening of an existing injury. Please have a look at detailed exclusions.

Must the booking be made through Hlídač

Yes, for the insurance to be applicable, it is neccessary for the booking to be made through Hlídač in Bookings, before the babysitting itself. The insurance does not apply to babysitting without a booking.

Do I have to provide information about the children?

No, children are insured by a framework contract. Their information are not input anywhere.

Do I have to sign something?

No, the insurance is automatic - the only thing neccessary is to have an active membership and a Booking for the babysitting.

How long will it take for my claim to be processed?

It always depends on the concrete case, you can find more information on the web of Česká pojišťovna.

For how many children does the insurance apply?

It is neccessary to input the number of children being babysitted in the Booking. The maximum for one insured babysitting is 5 children.