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If you have any questions, please e-mail us media zavináč or call +420 724 277 044.

We will be happy to send you the update numbers regarding demands for babysitting, cleaning, dog walking, senior care. We are also able to provide the prices for particular services in the cities from a sample of thousands active care-givers.

What are Hlídač

Startup Hlídač is the largest online platform in the Czech Republic, where more than 224 000 households and sitters are registered. Hlídač connects families with care-givers for babysitting, housekeeping, pet care and care for the elderly.

Households can choose the sitters on the basis of completed profiles, personal verification in the Verification centres and evaluation of other families. The aim of Hlídačky is to give families the opportunity to arrange directly with the care-giver and build up a trustworthy relationship with her.

The platform is already available to users in the Czech Republic (Hlídač and Slovakia (Hlídač

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