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Hlídač Business

Hlídač Business will help your employees to organize their family and work time in a better way. Every employee will get unlimited access to the online platform, where they can easily find help to their household.

With this benefit the employees can find household help at any time regarding either babysitting, cleaning, pet care or senior care.

Benefit for everyone

Can be used by singles, parents and especially sandwich generation.

Availability online

Access to the platform 24/7 from any device.

Support for women

Help with caring for the family and household.

Easy return from maternity leave

Possibility of part-time work during maternity leave.

Completion of projects in time

Help in the household in case of unexpected events

Less stress

Better organization of work and family life.

How can employees use the benefit?



Occasional or regular babysitting, picking up children from schools and clubs, babysitting during child's illness.

House cleaning

Home cleaning

One-off help with cleaning or long-term cooperation. Possible to be combined with other services.

Pet care

Pet care

Assistance in case of overtime, regular dog walking or feeding, care-giving during a business trip.

Senior care

Senior care

Visiting seniors, social contact, help with cleaning or cooking, care-giver services.

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Reporting & analytics

Work-life balance of employees and use of the service

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Maminy s rakovinou

„Offering a subscription to our employees was a no-brainer. It shows that we care about their personal lives and comes with the additional benefit of improving productivity as our people don't need to worry about finding a babysitter or cleaner.“

— Vincent van Scherpenseel, ContentKing

„V Comprimato dbáme na to, aby se naši zaměstnanci cítili dobře nejen v pracovním, ale i v osobním životě. Prostřednictvím služby Hlídač jsme dostali skvělou možnost, jak toho dosáhnout. Díky ní teď můžeme některé každodenní starosti hodit za hlavu a ušetřený čas věnovat aktivitám, které nás v životě skutečně naplňují.“

— Jiří Matela, Comprimato

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„72% of employees' absence at work is due to family and household care.“

— Labour Office, USA

„Funds invested in the benfit of household care have for employers a return of 2,5 to 5 times the investment. “

— Pfizer

„65% of young women want to have more responsibility at work, which is difficult to combine with taking care of the family.“