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Malá výpomoc pro váš výběr té správné péče a pomoci

For sitters: info about booking your session in Verification center can be found in your profile.

These questions made by you, the parents, inspired us to further improve the Hlidacky.cz and thanks to them in July 2015 opening Verification centers. The sitters can visited them and we will verify them by:

  • archiving the copy of valid I.D.,
  • check clean criminal record,
  • check the education and other certificates,
  • take photo in original Hlidacky.cz t-shirt,
  • sitter responses to model situations.

That's not all, sitters can also have mojeID verification, others users review and First-aid certificate focused on children.

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To get you as many information as possible, we will write our own evaluation of the sitter. The result can be read on her profile. We believe that the verification centers are a step in the right direction and it will help in a difficult selection the best for your children.

Verification center Prague and Brno

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