How to choose the best sitter?

Your family and household care according to you.

Have you chosen several nice sitters who have approximately the same experience and are you wondering what to decide definitely according to? An interview with all those candidates chosen is a good way. What to ask them about? Here is a list of several steps that could help you with the interview and mainly the right choice of the proper sitter.

1. Prepare for an interview

Just before you meet the particular sitters, you should have an idea of what you expect from the sitter. Go through the information about all selected candidates, their experience, interests and references from other parents and prepare some additional questions.

2. Ask and answer

The interview itself follows. Reserve enough time for each candidate. The ideal time is between 45 and 60 minutes for a sitter. Do not forget the very first impression, but do not make a decision just according to this.

you can follow for instance this structure:

  • Introducing you and your family. Talk to your candidate about your family and household.
  • Candidate introduction. Here comes the chance for the sitter to introduce herself. Give her a few minutes for introduction and then ask her the questions you have prepared beforehand as well as those which arose during her talk. Remember to make notes during this part. If you want to concentrate fully on the interview, ask your partner to write that down for you and you can just listen.
  • Give the sitter a chance to ask what she is curious about regarding babysitting.
  • Finish the interview and arrange by which term you will have decided in order the sitter could book the term for you.

3. Verification

  • Always ask for basic personal details [name, age, place of residence, phone number and even school if applicable]
  • Always ask to see the ID card
  • Drop call to know the phones are working properly

4. Decide. Even at the moment.

Sometimes during the interview you already know the sitter sitting in front of you is the right one. Sympathy, understanding, and most of all, you have the feeling your children will love her. Accept such sitter immediately, express your enthusiasm and arrange a meeting with the children.

If you need more time to think about that, agree with the candidates that you will let them know e.g.within two days. Go through your notes, discuss the selection of sitters with your partner and choose 'your' sitter.

As an inspiration, here are some tips for babysitting candidates:

  • What do you think is the most pleasant and difficult aspect in the sitter position?
  • How many children have you already looked after, for how long and how old were they?
  • How would you discipline children at the age of my daughter and son? Give the sitter specific examples and ask her what she would do.
  • What programme would you plan with the children both outdoors and indoors?
  • What do you consider the most important thing in eating at the age of my children?
  • Have you ever got into an emergency situation with a child? Do you have any experience with the first aid and can you react well in case of critical situations?
  • Can you tell me about your family relationships and your childhood?

What to pay attention to during the interview?

Be careful not about the things the sitter is saying, but also how she is behaving during the conversation. Notice whether she is open, nice, quick-witted and willing to answer your questions. All these aspects might be helpful to you in your final decision-making.

We keep our fingers crossed to choose the best sitter for you and your children.

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