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Adriana Š.

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Kamila Z.16. April 23:11Babysitting - via this platform

Velice sympatická, milá a šikovná - s dcerkami si hned porozuměla, ani se sotva půlročním miminkem neměla problém :-)

About me

Dear parents, my name is Adriana, I am 24 years old and I live in Planá near Czech Budweis.
My experience with kids:
- I organized a lot of events with kids with different activities. We made some games for kids - social games, sport games, painting, folding puzzles and more.
- Sometimes I took care about small boy, he is 3 years old.
- Now I came back from England. I lived there 1 year with family like a Au pair. I took care about household or cleaning house and two boys - 3 and 6 years old. My duties every day - I had to prepare kids to go to school or nursery in the morning. Ride with them to the school by car. We played some games together in afternoon time. I prepared dinner for the kids, bath and sleep.
This experience was very good for me because I learned take care about children, talk and play with them.
- Also I have experince with baby from 3 months because I regularly help to my sister with her son.
My hobbies are traveling, sports (skiing, roler skating, horse riding), friends, fashion and driving a car :)


Momentálně jsem nezaměstnaná tudíž mám volno většiny dnů v jakoukoliv denní/noční hodinu, stačí se jen domluvit.

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