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Hana V.

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Evgenia B.17/03/2020Babysitting - via this platform

Dear Parents,
I want to share my experience with Hana. She took care of my son (2 years) during six months. It was just great! He was delighted with her. She played, walked, monitored his cleanliness, helped with the housework and even cooked food. Plus, what was very important for me - she never used the phone, TV and the Internet. Only contact with him and attention to him. She did all the activities, even she was going to the museum, the Lama Center, etc. .. She speaks very well in English and of course she can teach your child English. We had several babysitters, but Han was the only one to whom I trusted my son with. He loved her very much and it was actually very sad moment to leave the Czech Republic. I hope we will see Hana again :-)

So, I strongly recommend her to all of you and wish all the best and happiness.

With best regards,

About me

Hello :),
my name is Hana and I am studying Mathematical biology and biomedicine on Masaryk's univerzity,
I've got many hobbies, such as playing piano or guitar, i like to sing, write and draw. I also do like to do sports like swimming, badminton or running. I have a dog and so taking care of him and teaching her new tricks is also something that I like to do a lot. :) I'm scout and thanks to it I have many experiences with children, as there I am with children almost all the time. I work especially with the youngest ones, that are 5-12 years old. I am also part of organization that prepares programmes for foster-families. In the organization I take care of the children and their foster-parents are having educational programme with specialist. Thanks to this I have some experiences with children that are somehow psychically disabled.
I just love spending time with kids. :)


Studuji vysokou školu, takže můj rozvrh je poměrně flexibilní.

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3 years


3 years

Special Experience

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hyperactivity, Food Allergies, and Sleep Disorders

Skills and Hobbies

Singing/playing musical instrument, Drawing, painting, and Sport


Czech, English, Spanish, and Slovak

Španělsky se učím třetím rokem. Nemluvím plynně, ale základy mám.

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