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  • Activity 2 months ago
  •  Gymnázium Strážnice
  •  prefers sitting: up to 20 hours/week
  •  I have a place for babysitting
  •  I babysit at parents' place
  •  she can babysit 3 kids
  •   Birthday parties and other
  •   Travel for Vacations
  •   Overnights
  •   Groups of kids

Klára S.

  • 18 years
  • 2 years experience

About me

I'm highschool student who wants to study pedagogy. I love spending time with children. I'm quite good at entertaining them, playing games and helping them with school.
I've had work with kids also before.
I used to take care of them at the summer camps.
At the moment I'm talking care of my family friends kids some times so it's nothing new to me.


Většinou můžu každý den v týdnu a víkendy po domluvě dostatečně dopředu také.

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General Experience


2 years


2 years


2 years


no experience


no experience

Special Experience

Asthma, Hyperactivity, Care for Sick Children, Food Allergies, Sleep Disorders, Visual Impairment, and Hearing Impaired

Dyslexie, albinismus, nystagmus, dysgrafie, ...

Skills and Hobbies

Singing/playing musical instrument, Drawing, painting, Dance/physical activity, and Sport


Czech, English, German, and Slovak

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Where babysit:

Primary city: Uherské Hradiště, Zlínský kraj

Where am I available too?: Strážnice, Jihomoravský kraj