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  •  VOŠ Litomyšl, Vychovatelství
  •  prefers sitting: 20 - 40 hours/week
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  •  she can babysit 3 kids
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  • Verified cell phone, e-mail and address via mojeID

Martina H.

  • 24 years
  • 8 years experience

About me

My name is Martina and I am 24 years old. I have graduate pedagogical college, specialization Free-time pedagogy. I worked as Nanny in UK. I take care of 3 children.
Before I worked in Leisuretime Centre for children.
In free time I work in next organizations working with children and I help with organising weekends for children, summer camps, carnivals and other actions.
But I have many other interests. I like swimming, cycling, playing tennis. I like photographing and I like playing the piano too.
I feel good when I am surrounded by children and people.


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General Experience


2 years


2 years


5 years


8 years


8 years

Special Experience

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asthma, Care for Sick Children, and Food Allergies

Skills and Hobbies

Singing/playing musical instrument, Drawing, painting, and Sport



Několik měsíců práce au-pair v Anglii, angličtinu zvládnu doučovat.


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Where babysit:

Primary city: Brno-Bystrc

Where am I available too?: Olomouc, Olomoucký kraj