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About me

I'm a triple mother (16, 9 and 7). We don´t have our own grandparents, so I care with pleasure for someone elses grannys.
Thorough experiences i got from my father, who was paralyzed to one side, he didn't even turn him self, drink alone...
2 years I helped an 96 old lady, last 2 months 24h. Together with my children we ware a substitute family for the lone lady.
I provide all the care like changing diapers, hygiene, cooking, escort to the doctor and so.. I´m mobile, so I can also commute.


Zatím mohu kdykoliv

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Czech, English, and German

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Primary city: Brno-sever

Where am I available too?: Tišnov, Jihomoravský kraj

Jsem k zastižení dle domluvy :)