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Marjam S.

  • 21 years

About me

Hello and welcome to my profile :) My name is Marjam, I am 21 years old and I’ve loved animals since I was a child. Before I moved to Prague, we had 2 cats which had kittens and dogs of all sizes, from mini breeds such as chihuahuas, to shih-tzu to American Staffordshire Terrier crossed with pitbulls. Other small pets and fish are no strangers to me either :) Now my boyfriend and I take care of an older husky. I’d like to take your dogs to the park or to the forest for a longer walk where they can have fun, feed, cuddle them and look after them in your home. I also look after the cats, feed them, clean the sand, add water and do everything that will be needed :)

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Age, how active your pet is, tolerance with other animals, what are his habits, etc. :)


Jsem časově flexibilní

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Czech, English, and German

Where care:

Primary city: Praha 2