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Nikola B.

  • 18 years

About me

Hello :) My name is Nikola, I've been taking care of pets since I was a child. I had several and I still own a dog. I don't understand cats that much, but I can also handle them because my grandmother own some. I have a forest all around so I could take dogs ​​for longer walks.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I need to know: gender, behavior around strangers and children, diet, how many times they go out, what they like and don't like, what breed it is, if it can handle other dogs. I'm a little afraid that I can't handle bigger dogs that are more active.


Czech and English

Angličtinu zvládám celkem v pořádku, žila jsem v Anglii pár let když jsem byla malá. Takže mi nedělá problém dítě doučovat.

Where care:

Primary city: Česká Kamenice, Ústecký kraj