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  •  Obchodní akademie Mladá Boleslav
  •  Technická univerzita v Liberci, Ekonomická fakulta, Ekonomika a management služeb
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Marcela B.

  • 26 years
  • Covid-19 vaccine

About me

Hello I’m Marcela and I live in Liberec (CZ). I like to go out, take care and play with your dog. I have one adopted dog (4 years) from Šance zvířatům - it is active crossbreed. So if your dog like another dogs, they could play together. If your dog avoid other dogs I will respect it and will find other activities.
I offer short or long walk, feeding, playing dogsitting or control at your home. If my dog and your dog will be OK. I can watch your dog at my big flat. Always I will want to know information about what your dog avoid, what it like, what can’t do and so on. I will look forward to your doggo friend!
Your Marcela

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I need to know:
- breed + age of dog
- dog habits
- which is dog behavior ( active, timid etc.)
- information about feeding and treats - what dog can eat what can’t
- some healthy problems or limitations
- can I go with dog to public transport or go by car?
- it can bear with other dogs?
- how it react with children
- is it required some special care?

All things and feeding which dog need like leash, collar, feeding, treats and so on is needed to bring with dog.


Czech, English, and Russian

AJ - úroveň B1 Rj - základy A1

Where care:

Primary city: Liberec, Liberecký kraj