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Hana S.

100 Kč/hour


  • 31 years
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About me

Hi everyone, I grew up around dogs. Trained three of them, mostly border collies. I still have a dog but recently I moved to Prague and had to leave my dog at my parents house because they have a dog as well and those two are inseparable. So it was more convenient to just leave them together. I visit my dog pretty often but miss the dog love here in Prague. So If I could help you with your dog it would make me happy. I can take care of cats as well. I live by myself in an apartment with a small garden included so the dog could stay with me as well.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

What kind of breed is your dog? Does it have any unusual habits? Is it friendly to other dogs? Especially during long walks, does it like other dogs? Is your dog used to ride in a car?


Po-Ct od 16:00. Pá - Ne - celý den.

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Primary city: Praha 3