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Lucia B.

  • 22 years

About me

Hello, my name is Lucia. I am a child of nature and I love animals. I grew up in the village where I was surrounded by animals of any kind. As long as I remember we have had a doggy a cat and in the stable, we have kept various domestic animals.
Because I live in a dormitory I am not allowed to have a pet and that is why I will be endlessly happy to pass my love for your pets and take care of them.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I adore dogs (sometimes more than people), so there is not any breed of the dog I do not like.


Dobrý deň,
Nakoľko bývam na internáte chyba mi kontakt s domácim miláčikom, s ktorým by Som mohla chodiť na večerné prechádzky. Ak ste niekto, kto chce svojmu maznáčikovi dopriať extra pohyb za symbolickú cenu a nepotrebujete fixný čas, budem veľmi rada ak sa ozvete.

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Czech, English, French, and Slovak

Besides my maternal Slovak language, I am an advanced English speaker- it was one of my majors at the university. My other major was French, however, I am not so fluent in this language.


Where care:

Primary city: Praha 2