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Barbora P.

  • 18 years
  • Covid-19 vaccine

About me

Cleaning and decluttering was always a paradox for me; I quite despise cleaning up my own space, but always love to clean up for someone else. My theory is that I love the happiness on people's faces that are happy with the done work. I used to work closing shifts at a fast food restaurant, that means washing all sorts of stuff, cleaning up the floor etc.; whenever I was done, all my managers complimented me for the work I've done. I will be more than glad to help someone clean up their home, since the best part of it is always people being happy and satisfied with my work.


Nejvíce dostupná jsem pondělí, úterý nebo středu.

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Czech and English

Perfektně ovládám český i anglicky jazyk, jak na pasivní úrovni, tak na aktivní.

Where clean:

Primary city: Milčice, Středočeský kraj