• 1 year experience
  • 23 years
  • Hodonín
  • A 1 parent has already contacted her
  • Activity 5 months ago
  • Response time: 30 minutes
  •  Vychovávatelsko pečovatelska činnost
  • First Aid Certificate
  •  prefers sitting: 20 - 40 hours/week
  •  I babysit at parents' place
  •  I have a car
  •  I can take kids by car
  •  she can babysit 10 kids
  •   Birthday parties and other
  •   Travel for Vacations
  •   Overnights
  •   Groups of kids

Laura B.

200 Kč/hour

  • 23 years
  • 1 year experience
  • Covid-19 vaccine

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About me

Jmenuji se Laura mám vystudovanú vychovavatelsko opatrovatelskú činnost. Pracuji v detském domově a starám se o děti ve věku od 2 -> 16 let. Mám fenečku a kladný vztah ke zviřatům. Ráda vařím a peču.

General Experience


1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year

Special Experience

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asthma, Hyperactivity, Care for Sick Children, Food Allergies, and Epilepsy

Skills and Hobbies

Drawing, painting, Dance/physical activity, and Sport

Tutoring children

general preparation


Czech and Slovak


Care under the Social Services Law

I also provide services under the Social Services Law (z.č.108/2006 Sb.
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Hlídač do not check that the document entitles the sitter to provide social services under Law No z.č.108/2006 Sb.

Where babysit

Primary city: Hodonín, Jihomoravský kraj