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  •  Gymnázium Šlapanice
  •  Masarykova univerzita, lékařská fakulta, všeobecné lékařství
  • First Aid Certificate
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Barbora P.

  • 21 years
  • 5 years experience

About me

Dear mums, dear dads!

My name is Barbora, I am 21 years old and I have successfully finished my studies in May at grammar school in Šlapanice.
I am a member of the II. scout troop in Šlapanice and for the sixth year I lead a girl group. I enjoy it very much because it fills me. The girls are about 13 years old nowadays, but I have led them since they were in a first grade and I even have an experience with kindergarten children. Thanks to scouting I have met few children with the ADHD syndrome.

Concerning the babysitting, since I was at elementary school I have used to look after my younger sister and recently I look after my two little cousins from time to time.

In my free time I like to be in a nature with my scout girls and my friends and I love traveling both in Czech Republic and abroad.

I would say about me that I am friendly, communicative and I have a great relationship with children. I am able to schedule a programme (even for a 14-day scout camp :D) and I can usually inspire children for various activities such as games, sport and handicrafts. Whereas I have a dog and a cat at home I like to take care even your pets.

I am looking forward to Your children and to You! :)


Sháním pravidelné hlídání, tak jednou týdně odpoledne :)

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General Experience


no experience


3 years


3 years


5 years


2 years

Special Experience

Hyperactivity, Food Allergies, Hearing Impaired, and Special needs

Skills and Hobbies

Singing/playing musical instrument, Drawing, painting, and Sport

skauting, turistika, četba


Czech and English

Mluvím plynně anglicky, v případě nutnosti se dokážu domluvit i francouzsky :)


Rádcovský kurz: Junák - český skaut, středisko Šlapanice, a.s.

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Primary city: Brno-sever