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Andrea K.

  • 19 years
  • 3 years experience

About me

Dear parents, my name is Andrea.
I have two younger siblings, who I frequently look after, help them with their prepararion for school and such things since I was a kid.
I used to babysit an 8 years old boy, 3 times a week for circa six months. Currenty I am a babysitter of two foreign children (10, 13). We usually do their homework and preparation for the upcoming days together, we play games or go out for walks to discover Prague. I am also a an assistent trainer of Ninja team for Taekwon-do club.
I try to develop kids' imagination and their general overview, which i find important.
I am a student at a bussiness academy in Prague. I am 19. I grew up and live in Prague. My hobbies include doing yoga, walking around, reading, admiring plants and making herbariums, learning new languages, swimming, traveling etc.


Hlídat bych většinou mohla odpoledne (po škole) a o víkendech či prázdninách.

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3 years

Special Experience

Food Allergies


Czech, English, German, Spanish, and Italian

o rodilá čeština o dobrá angličtina (od roku 2003) o základní španělština (zatím 7 let studia) o nejzákladnější němčina (1 rok studia) o 1 rok odborné zdravotnické latiny o samostudium italštiny

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Primary city: Praha 4