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  •  Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta, Psychologie
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Barbora F.

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  • 24 years
  • 7 years experience


Ladislava27. February 23:02Babysitting - via this platform

Bára nám hlídala děti jedno odpoledne. Přišla na minutu přesně, je sympatická, samostatná, kreativní a děti (5 a 7) z ní byly nadšené:-)

About me

Hi, my name is Barbora. I am 24 years old university student. I am studying Psychology at Charles University. I have experiences with babysitting since I was 17 years old. I was working in kid's parks, babysitting in families and during events (weddings) and I was working 2 years in private english kindergarten.
Usually I was working with 2-6 years old kids.
My hobbies are sports activities, traveling and foreign languages.


Pouze nárazově + prosinec přes svátky a leden/únor přes zkouškové budu mít mnoho času

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General Experience


3 years


3 years


7 years


7 years


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Special Experience

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asthma, Hyperactivity, Care for Sick Children, Food Allergies, Sleep Disorders, and Special needs

Skills and Hobbies

Drawing, painting, Dance/physical activity, and Sport


Czech, English, and French

Angličtina - úroveň B2/C1 Francouzština - úroveň B1/B2

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Where babysit:

Primary city: Praha 1

Where am I available too?: Praha 2