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About me

My name is Lenka and I always asked for grandma and grandpa. Especially my grandmother, when she needed to shop or help with the purchase, then with a little cleaning and in return I could be with her. And I helped my grandmother with medication as well. I have a good relationship with seniors. It's nice to hear the stories, what they've experienced and how they have it all. The apartment supports them when they are alone. I can accompany them to the doctor and go for a walk or a trip with them.


Od pondělí do pátku

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Czech, English, German, and Slovak

Německý jazyk mi nedělá problémy, ale dost toho clovek zapomene, jak ho nepoužívá. Já se domluvím s tím problém nemám. Aj spíše základy.

Where babysit

Primary city: Nový Jičín, Moravskoslezský kraj