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Pavlína B.

  • 22 years

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Hello there,

I am offering my free time to take your dog for a walk on a weekday. I live near tram station "Tererova". I have previous loving experience with dogs. My sister had a female Ridgeback, I've been taking care of 2 friend's dogs from the picture sometime over 2 years now and I spent 9 months in England living with British family with a dog. A part of my duty was taking him for a walk 2x day everyday for a whole period of time I lived and worked for them. I am looking even for more experience, so I don't mind volunteer for you and the money I would earn happily donate to the dog charity if agreed.

I am in Brno most of the times, but there are few weeks in following months I can't cover. But I firmly believe we find the way around.

Hope to hear from you soon!

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet


I'm free from 10.3. - 6.4.2016

9.4. - 19.4.2016

29.4 - 2.5.2016.

Current calendar is not availaible


Czech, English, and Russian


Zdravotní příprava v rámci kvalifikování v AČR

Where care:

Primary city: Praha, Hlavní město Praha

Where am I available too?: Brno-Královo Pole