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Libuše S.

110 Kč/hour


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  • 40 years

Clean criminal record, ID archived

Verified education and certificates

Střední odborné učiliště sklářské Nový Bor (obor Malování skla). Chůva do zahájení povinné školní docházky.

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Vendula C.10/01/2023Other

Paní Libuše k nám přišla, když jsem potřebovala narychlo vyžehlit. Vše super, milá a hezky vyžehleno. Doporučuji.

About me

My dear pet owners/lowers.I am a big fan of animals but because our place is not animal friendly I m meeting them this way.I am currently on maternity leave so I have two buddies too(daughter 6m and son 3.7y)They are not always with me ofcourse however they love animals too .I had my own pets in the past which was two dogs,fish and a parrot too.I am happy to take your pets out in their territory so in your place and area.I can feed them and change the litter when necessary.And finally I love to give them attention such as stroking their ears if they fancy that;).

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Your pet should be vaccinated in case of any unexpected fights with human or other animals.(Covid vaccine is not necessary 😉)as I have the responsibility over them.I have no problem with dog,cats or any other hairy creatures.I like to know alot about your pet so it's happy and you too.
I speak fluent English so it's easier for your pet.Please provide any cleaning products or bags for your pet's waste.Thank you


Czech, English, and Spanish

After living over 19years abroad my English is fluent C1.I am able to teach conversation preferably. I also speak very little Spanish.


Psychologie pro dospělé. Lidé a děti s duševním onemocněním . Couching Kurz sebeobrany

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Primary city: Praha 2