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  • 32 years
  • Smiřice
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Adéla K.

150 Kč/hour


  • 32 years
  • Covid-19 vaccine

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About me

I have experience with care for rats and dogs, but I mainly focus on feline buddies. I understand that looking after a cat is not only about filling the bowls and cleaning cats toilets, that human presence is also very important for cats, but there are often stressed out cats who take longer to accept a stranger. As the owner of several furry ones, I know that even though you love them, you would also like to go on vacation sometimes, or have to fulfill work or other obligations that make you away from home and can't take care of your pet or pets. Since I was deciding what I would do in such a situation, I was glad to have discovered |link hidden| , I was just surprised how few people (at least in my area) offer relevant experience with care and access to cats. That's why I decided to offer my services.
I live in my own house with a garden, if necessary I can take my pet to my place. He would be away from my cats (in a separate room with just me).
The prices are approximate (they can be lower), it depends on the total number of animals and the level of care.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Please tell me all the information you think is necessary - is there anything he really likes or dislikes? For example, does he have any health problems? Is he regularly vaccinated?
In the case of a sitter at my house, I need to know how he gets along with cats, although I wouldn't put them in the same room as my cats, but of course it can happen that an animal runs through when a person walks through the door, so I need to be sure that there is no danger danger to my pets or yours.


Čeština, English, and Slovak

Where care:

Primary city: Smiřice, Královéhradecký kraj