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Zuzana J.

300 Kč/hour


  • 40 years

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About me

I have always cared for some animal friends since my childhood. My first animal friend was the Dáša guinea pig. There followed another. Besides guinea pigs, it was hamsters, rats, mice or rabbits. Years ago, I met and rescued my current cat friend Míša, who changed my life and became my exceptional companion (pictured). Currently, I have two cat friends. The second Ríša cat was brought from the Catky shelter, where I sometimes help as temporary care. Since I had longed for work with animals, I consider the work of cat nanny to be the ideal solution.
Empathy for your pet is a matter of course, and I will always dedicate myself to them with love and care. I will always send you a message as we have been together. I'll also send you photos and videos. I am not an aducation nurse, but I can give most of the medication without problems. My approach is sensitive and professional.
Something about me: I graduated from the Conservatoire in Prague and the Jaroslav Ježek higher vocational school. I am a singer, songwriter and singing teacher. I like to photograph, paint, travel and sport. I have a lot of interests and without some I can imagine my life, without music and animals never. Both are my inseparable part.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I'm mainly care of cats of all kinds and small animals, but I can care of small dogs without problems.
I always need to know the name and health of the pet, what habits pet has, what likes and how friendly it is with other pets and unknown people. Certainly is great to know his nature.


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Angličtina úrovně B1.

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Primary city: Praha 2