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Zuzka Š.

  • 25 years
  • Covid-19 vaccine

About me

I love animals so much. I had a dog, degus, rabbit and fish. Now I have a one year old cat at home. But my favorite animal is porcupine.
My only weakness are spiders. I'm really scared of them.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

If a pet is not very big I can take him to my house and keep him also for few days. I can come to your house to take care about him. I would also like to just walk dogs during the day.


Vzhledem k četnosti bytů, kam pravidelně docházím, už jsou pro mě možné pouze jednorázové úklidy.

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Czech, English, Russian, and Slovak

Where care:

Primary city: Praha 3

Where am I available too?: Bohumín, Moravskoslezský kraj

Přejíždím podle potřeby, ale většinou jsem v Praze.