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Karolína G.

60 Kč/hour


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  • 20 years
  • Covid-19 vaccine

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Laura B.26/08/2021Pet care

Karolina looked after our dogs end of July- beginning of August. I am very happy with her, she took good care of our dogs and sent pictures from the stay. I am looking forward to collaborating again in the future.

About me

Hello, welcome to my profile :). My name is Karolína, I have loved animals since I was a child, but I could only have smaller ones at home. Because I lived in an apartment, I had, for example, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish, I looked after a dog or a cat few times in my family, and sometimes I also go to walk the dogs from the shelter. If you entrusted your pet to my care, I would give him food, water, walk him, go for a walk in the park or in the field with him and play with him. Of course, I have no problem with other requirements. I can't have a dog with me, so I would probably come to you. A cat can be at my place. I have no problem with guarding other species of animals (rodents, reptiles, ...). I will be happy for your replies!

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většinou pátek a víkendy

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Czech and English

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Primary city: Slezská Ostrava

Where am I available too?: Hulín, Zlínský kraj

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