How search results work

Platform Hlídač aims to connect families with caregivers. To ensure the best match between families and caregivers, we utilize a sophisticated algorithm that incorporates the following key factors:

  • Ratings and Reviews: Caregivers with a higher number of positive ratings from families are prioritized in our search. These ratings reflect families' experiences with a given caregiver and are a key indicator of the quality of their services.
  • Response Time: Caregivers who respond promptly and in a timely manner to family messages are deemed more reliable and are ranked higher in our search results.
  • Platform Activity: Caregivers who are inactive for extended periods may rank lower in our results. Conversely, those with regular activity and interaction on the platform rank higher.
  • Verification and Qualifications: Caregivers who have undergone verification process and possess relevant courses and certificates are given priority in our search.
  • Repeated Bookings: Caregivers who have been booked repeatedly by the same families are considered especially reliable and favored. This factor also influences their rank in our search.
  • Calendar Updates: Caregivers who regularly update their availability calendar demonstrate their activity and commitment, which can positively influence their rank in our search.
  • Premium profile: Caregivers with a premium paid highlight have a more prominent and visible profile.

Our goal is to create an efficient and transparent system that allows families to find the ideal caregiver for their needs. The key factors of the algorithm are carefully selected to reflect the profile quality of the caregivers. We are committed to continuously improving and updating our algorithm, including the possibility of adding further parameters to best cater to the needs of both parties - families and caregivers.