• She has already been contacted by 3 parents
  • Activity 5 days ago
  • Response time: 30 minutes
  •  Gymnázium Václava Hraběte Hořovice
  •  prefers sitting: up to 20 hours/week
  •  I babysit at parents' place
  •  I can take kids by car
  •  she can babysit 3 kids
  •   Birthday parties and other
  •   Travel for Vacations
  •   Overnights
  •   Groups of kids
  • Attented online first-aid course focused on children from OS Czech Red Cross Prague 1

Kristýna S. PREMIUM

  • 20 years
  • 3 years experience
  • Covid-19 vaccine


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About me

Hi, my name is Kristýna and I'm 20 years old. I've studied at Gymnázium Václava Hraběte in Hořovice and successfully graduated in 2020. Now I'm studying at fakulty of applicated science at ZČU. I have a little brother (7) whom I took care of sometimes so my experience is not null but also not so great, but that's why I'm here.


O prázdninách většinou pondělí - pátek mívám volno. Víkendy jsou hodně různé, někdy volno mám, jindy ne.

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General Experience


no experience


1 year


1 year


1 year


no experience

Special Experience

Food Allergies

Skills and Hobbies

Drawing, painting

Tutoring children


Czech language


general preparation


Czech and English

Where babysit

Primary city: Plzeň 2-Slovany

Where am I available too?: Velký Chlumec, Středočeský kraj

Většinu času bývám v Plzni, některé víkendy jezdím za rodiči.