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Leona G.

300 Kč/hour

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  • 27 years
  • 9 years experience
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Pavlína21/01/2019Babysitting - via this platform

Ochotná, milá, profesionální jednání, dcerka si jí moc oblíbila, děkujeme a doporučujeme :)

begona g.04/05/2016Babysitting - via this platform

Byla skvělá, uměla svou praci, byla milá a velmi spolehlivá.

About me

Hello dear parents, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Leona and I'm 27 years old. My initial experience started with babysitting a little boy - Tobias. My experience started to grow when my mom opened a private daycare where I helped her out many times. I have a lot of experience from England, where I worked as an au pair for 2 years. Every day I took care of 3 children, aged 2, 4, 7. My experience with children is really very extensive. I have experience with children from 0-14 years old. If there are two parents in the family, speaking Czech and English, I speak to the children bilingually - if the parent requests :-)

I love to travel, I try to go on long weekends in Europe as much as possible ✈️ From sports I enjoy snowboarding, since 3 years old I have been skiing.


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Singing/playing musical instrument, Drawing, painting, Dance/physical activity, and Sport

Tutoring children



Čeština, English, and Slovak


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Primary city: Praha » Praha 12 » Praha 12