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  •  Bilingválne gymnázium v Poprade, SVK
  •  MUNI, Přírodovědecká fakulta
  •  prefers sitting: up to 20 hours/week
  •  I babysit at parents' place
  •  she can babysit 2 kids
  •   Birthday parties and other
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  • Verified cell phone, e-mail and address via mojeID

Denisa V.

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  • 24 years
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Barbora J. 4. February 12:44Babysitting - via this platform

Milá,ochotná, spolehlivá...Dítě spokojené👍

Tomáš T.11. December 20:43Babysitting - via this platform

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About me

Hello, I'm currently studying in Brno the 4th year. My favourite color is blue. I love music, great movies, TV shows, animals (except spiders), british actors. I'm looking forward to work with kids and spend time with them. I've never done babysitting actively (apart from looking after my 5 years younger cousin since she was like 3 or more years old) but I want to gain some completely new experience. I speak fluent Slovak, Czech, English and German. My ''working'' time is flexible as I don't always have to be in school.


Pracovné dni podla dohody, víkendy kedykoľvek podľa dohody a kalendára.
Working days & weekends anytime according to your preferences and my availability (check calendar).

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General Experience


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1 year


1 year


1 year

Special Experience

Asthma and Food Allergies

Skills and Hobbies

Singing/playing musical instrument, Drawing, painting, Dance/physical activity, and Sport


Czech, English, German, and Slovak

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Primary city: Brno-střed