• 5 years experience
  • 35 years
  • Praha
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  •  Qatar International School, Doha Qatar
  •  EHSAL University College. Dubai - UAE E-Business
  • First Aid Certificate
  •  prefers sitting: 20 - 40 hours/week
  •  I have a place for babysitting
  •  I babysit at parents' place
  •  she can babysit 2 kids
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  •   Groups of kids
She attended the first aid course with certificate.

Rajeh K.

350 Kč/hour

  • 35 years
  • 5 years experience
  • Covid-19 vaccine

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About me

My name is Raji aside from babysitting, I home school/ tutor kids in English.
I gained my (BBA) E-Business degree from the American University in Dubai and my (iMBA) degree in EHSAL, Brussels.
I am specialized in taking care of gifted kids. I do this by using various methods in the child development spectrum {NTC, Montessori, Mindfullness, etc} .
I apply PUT when conducting my sessions; children are entitled to Patience, Understanding and Trust. I enjoy spending time with children, communicating with them and getting their talents to surface.
If your child is currently facing difficulties in certain subjects, misunderstood by class mates, not able to attend school for any specific reason, I am able to help and guid your child in his/her educational journey.
With my skills, your child will be able to write, speak, and read english quickly.
1. I enjoy going through homeworks which is performed through my disciplinary methods.
2. I encourage lego, uno, dominos, chess which is performed through my motor - neural enhancement methods.
3. I surely schedule park walks and strolls, as being outside is truly essential in my teachings.

I am currently located in Prague 6, where I am also able to accept students and children to my address, providing a safe and healthy environment.
Looking forward to making children happy, confident, and successful. References upon request.
* Please note that the fee for home schooling/tutoring is available upon request.


I am available through everyday of the week.

Current calendar is not availaible

General Experience


4 years


4 years


4 years


5 years


7 years

Special Experience

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hyperactivity, Visual Impairment, Hearing Impaired, and Special needs

Skills and Hobbies

Singing/playing musical instrument, Drawing, painting, Dance/physical activity, and Sport

I can play board games , chess (I always have with me),uno , dominos, carcassonne

Tutoring children



general preparation



I can teach the english language to all ages and levels. From a beginner, IGCSE, IELTS, SAT, and TOEFL levels. I can be a personal public speaker coach.


(BBA) "Bachelors in Business Administration" - The American University in Dubai, (iMBA) "International Masters Degree" - EHSAL management school in Brussels,


Where babysit

Primary city: Praha » Praha 6