Sitter codex

  1. Children and their safety - that is a priority for me.
  2. Parents are my partners. They trust me completely and I will do anything not to betray their trust.
  3. I always respond to messages from parents. Even if I don’t have the time to babysit.
  4. Late arrivals are not cool. I also arrive at meetings with parents on time and dressed in such a way not to scare them off. Did I miss my tram? I will let them know that I will be late.
  5. I take babysitting seriously. I deal with my other personal tasks later.
  6. Each parent is different, therefore each has different demands. I try to fulfill all tasks precisely.
  7. It doesn’t matter whether the children are small or older, I always approach them as my partners and I choose such games for them which are easy to understand.
  8. Being discrete and confidential regarding the whole family is automatic for me.
  9. Standards of hygiene are not only familiar to me, I make sure that, when taking care of children, they are maintained.
  10. If there is anything I don’t understand or in case of any problem, I contact parents immediately.

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