• 47 years
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  •  Hotelová
  •  UTB Zlín, sociální pedagogika
  • First Aid Certificate
  •  Making a company, talking, playing games, etc.
  •  Food preparation
  •  Accompanying to the doctor

Clean criminal record, ID archived

Verified education and certificates

Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně obor Sociální pedagogika - bakalář, osvědčení - Montessori pedagogika pro MŠ

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About me

I will be happy to help your grandmother or grandfather with shopping, accompanying to the doctor, minor cleaning, social contact, conversation, cooking. Experience from family, elderly mother


Čeština, English, and Slovak

Angličtina - základní


Montessori pedagogika

Where babysit

Primary city: Jihomoravský » Brno » Brno-Starý Lískovec