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  • Attented online first-aid course focused on children from OS Czech Red Cross Prague 1

Valeriia S.

250 Kč/hour


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  • 25 years
  • Covid-19 vaccine

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Andrea O.17/09/2023Pet care

Val is kind, nice and responsible girl. She did amazing job with my 15 years old dog. He had great time with her and I am so thankful that we chose Val for dogsitting :) I can highly recommend her service. Thank you Val again!

Magdalena R.17/08/2023Pet care

Valeriia is so nice and easy to communicate. She was amazing with our dog and we recomend her to anyone who wants their pet be safe and happy. She sent us pictures and let us know how our dog was.

Anastasia V.11/01/2023Pet care

Very grateful that we found Valeriia. She agreed to take care of our loving pets: two dogs and a parrot, while we were on a week-long vacation.
Throughout the whole time Valeriia was very polite, attentive and thoughtful to our pets’ needs and habits. Prior to arriving she asked all about their personalities and special needs. Later, she would send us photos and updates on a daily basis on how our pets were doing. Our babies were calm and happy when we picked them up. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the experience, highly recommend!

Karina N.14/09/2022Pet care

Valeriia was petsitting our maine-coon cat and both me and cat are extremely grateful! Even when i discovered my flight was cancelled she reacted quickly and saved us with no pre-scheduled petsitting.

Jan S.13/08/2022Pet care

Bezvadne, doporucuji!!!

Viliam V.09/08/2022Pet care

Valeriia was looking after our cat. Everything was perfect - she sent us photos, played with her and basically did everything that we agreed on. She was also very responsive when communicating. Cannot recommend her strongly enough! Thanks!

Patrick M.20/07/2022Babysitting - via this platform

Val was fantastic!

We needed a babysitter for one night to look after our 8 year old twins and 6 year old boy while on holiday.

We were uneasy about how it would work, and how we could trust leaving Val in charge of our kids and holiday accommodation.

She put us at ease as she was happy to jump on a video call in advance and share examples and evidence of her past work with kids. On the day, she came prepared with games and immediately engaged with the kids (which is always a good sign - great babysitters focus on creating a good relationship with the kids rather than with the parents :)).

The kids had an awesome time, and kept us regularly updated on their fun. Would definitely use Val again if we were in Prague, and recommend her to others doing the same :)

Sophia K.13/06/2022Pet care

Slečna hlídala mé dva pejsky - Amstaffy. Péče o ně je doopravdy náročná, protože jsou to složitější plemena a fenka je dokonce hluchá.
Celé komunikace a spolupráce s slečnou Valerii byla více než výborná! Doopravdy naprostá spokojenost, stále zasílala fotografie a videa, psala jak se zvířátkům daří a co dělají. Veškeré pokyny, které jsem dala, tak dodržela na jedničku. Dala jim dokonalou péči a pejsci byli více než spokojeni. Mohu vřele doporučit. Cena nízká a za tyto služby? Nesetkala jsem se ještě nikdy s lepším jednáním! Doopravdy vřele doporučuji všem a do budoucna určitě vím na koho se obrátit.
Ještě jednou Vám moc děkuji Valerie! :)

Jared F.11/06/2022Babysitting - via this platform

Val was a phenomenal babysitter. We have two infants under 1 year old, and she had no problem caring for both of them. After only a few hours, we trusted her enough to watch our kids in our home without us there, and even to take them for walks in the neighborhood. Twice she watched them overnight when we had late night plans.

Both our kids were teething during the last several days that Val babysat for us, and she handled their crying, their snotty messes, and their fussiness with ease.

She was very flexible in her scheduling and was on time for any plans we made. Val speaks perfect English, and she was very responsive in all our communication.

We recommend Val to anyone looking for a sitter. She is wonderful!

About me


My name is Valeria and friends jokingly call my house a zoo :)
At home we had mice, fish, a ferret, two cats and two Alaskan malamutes, I took care of them all for the most part.

Three years ago I moved to Prague and I really miss my "zoo" so I will be happy to help you with your pets :)

I have trained my dogs and participated in dog shows, so it will not be difficult for me to help you with training.

Please note that if you have two or more dogs of a very large breed, then I can only walk them one at a time. After all, I am responsible for the safety of your four-legged friend and for the safety of people around.

I also do not walk dogs without a leash in an open space that is not intended for walking dogs.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Is your pet calm towards other animals
Anything special that I should know about your pet (medications, habits, safe places, health problems, behavioral issues, etc)


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Čeština, English, and Russian

Ukrainian - Native Russian - C2 English - C1 Czech - B1 I will be happy to be an English tutor for your child


Where care:

Primary city: Praha » Praha 5