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  •  Střední škola Horažďovice, grafický design
  •  Západočeská univerzita, filozofická fakulta, sociální antropologie
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Eliška K.

120 Kč/hour


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  • 20 years
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Tomáš V.04/10/2023Pet care

Eliška hlídala našeho kocoura Edgara. Domluva s ní byla bezproblémová. Je spolehlivá, navíc moc milá a slušná. Vřele doporučuji :)

About me

My name is Eliška. I study social antropology in Pilsen.
I am in daily contact with animals. My parents have two dogs and two cats but we always had at least one dog since I was a kid so I am in contact with animals since my childhood.
I have no problem to take a walk with your pet, play with them or just cuddle with them. Depends on the needs of your pet :).

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Age and needs, health problems, what can they eat.


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