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Mária B.

  • 33 years

About me

Animals are part of my life since childhood. Household sweeten my 5 cats. If necessary, I have no problem to visit the vet if the animal has a disease, not a hindrance. I had a terminally ill cat, who was paralyzed with reliant on me. I live at the river in beautiful surroundings, walking with a dog not a problem. I can only watch the weekend, still 24 hours during the week I was at work, a beer in the afternoon I am fully available.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I need about pet to know especially his health, if suffering from some disease or the need to take medicaments. Each animal has its own habits, I am not a supporter of the new rules, which will Your pet in stress. The main thing is to feel secure in the absence of the beloved owner.


víkendy + přes týden pouze odpoledne od 15:00

Current calendar is not availaible


Czech, English, and Slovak

Anglicky - pokročilý, Německy - základy , Český - výborný, Slovensky - rodilý jazyk

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Where care:

Primary city: Chocerady,

Where am I available too?: Stříbrná Skalice,

Chocerady + okolí 15 km