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Absolvovala kurz první pomoci, který doložila certifikátem.


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  • 48 roků
  • 25 roků zkušeností s hlídáním
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Eduardo P.31/10/2022Opatrování mazlíčků

Dania took great care of our two dogs during the weekend! Me and my wife moved to Prague a couple of months ago and it would be the first time we would travel after bringing the dogs with us, leaving them both at home. We hired Dania to feed them and take them for walks three times a day, and the experience could've been better. She was very loving and caring with them and sent us lots of photos and videos so that we could enjoy our trip with no worries whatsoever. I strongly recommend her services to anyone in need of very good care for their pets!

Eva S.28/05/2022Opatrování mazlíčků

Dania was absolutely amazing to care for my two older cats and plants. I highly recommend

Andrea T.30/01/2022Opatrování mazlíčků

Dania is great! She took care of my Zoe (my 8 months Vizsla puppy) amazingly! Which is not easy at all for this kind of breed ! She has a cheerful attitude, and you can immediately tell she loves dogs. She even brought toys and snacks for Zoe. While I was away she sent me photos showing how Zoe was behaving and reacting (being Zoe's first time alone with someone she doesn't know) Everything turned out wonderful. Zoe Loves Dania now! I will ask for her help next time I need it for sure! Thanks Dania :)

Emmanuelle H.17/11/2021Hlídání dětí - rodič na portále

Dania has been helping us at home for the past month already and she has been wonderful. As I was going back to work, we were looking for a nanny for our 6 month old daughter. And we are extremely fortunate and grateful to have Didi help us and look after our daughter. Didi has been key in making my transition back to work as smooth as possible.
She is a highly qualified nanny who respects the rhythm of the child, always looks for ways to make our daughter feel at ease so that she can express herself, stay curious and be confident. She is also creative and constantly engages and communicates with our daughter. Didi also communicates openly and always has a pleasant and dynamic attitude.
She is also an excellent cook, with skills that would rival the ones from any highly rated restaurant chef! Briefly said, our family is very grateful for the tasty and balanced meals that Didi makes for us. It makes a huge difference.
If you are a new mom going through post-partum or a family considering logistics as you prepare to go back to work, you may want to contact Didi for help with batch cooking. She may be key in improving those sensitive life transitions.
Thank you Didi for being our brilliant nanny!

Lori C.11/10/2021Hlídání dětí - rodič na portále

Didi looked after our 14 months old boy! And she is amazing ! Our son loved her and we loved her. It was the first time ever having a nanny and she made the experience awesome! I didn’t even have time to “introduce” them but she came prepared with toys and songs and great mood and attitude and he immediately fell in love with her and kept smiling all day and playing around! She was sooo awesome she even made all of us food that was delicious !! And our son ate chicken when normally he is not very impressed with it haha would love to have Didi every day if possible!! She is truly an amazing clearly experienced nanny with a natural talent and love for kids (and I am not usually easy to please when it comes to my baby 😂) thanks again Didi!!looking forward to next times !

Ana C.02/10/2021Opatrování mazlíčků

Dania is simply amazing. She took care of our 4 cats and hedgehog for 5 days. One of the cats is 19 years old and needs special care (medicine twice a day and food several times a day), so Dania stayed the all day taking care of her. She fed her, gave her the medicine (a true challenge for any of us), played with her and kept her company. She sent me so many messages, pictures and recordings through out the day, what was perfect for me as I was quite stressed for leaving them alone.
A hedgehog is low maintenance but it needs to be fed worms once a day and frankly, it isn't for everyone but Dania had no problem at all with that.
I returned home to find 5 happy pets amazingly taken care of and the house was clean, no litter on the floors!
I definitely recommend Dania, she is an amazing person and your pets will have the best care in the world! She is the best pet sitter ever and I will always reach out to her in the future.
Thank you so so much Dania :)

Simon R.22/08/2021Hlídání dětí - rodič na portále

Dania took care of our 2 years old for two full weeks in Prague while we were working from him here. She was coming up early morning to our place at around 7.45 AM brought him back for his nap around 1PM and when needed also took care of him in the afternoon/evening. She played with him outside and indoors, shown him around, fed him (healthy - she is a good cook and knows what little ones like and need to it), as well as bathed him and put him to bed when needed. She is full of great ideas to fill the day of the little ones. She is punctual, careful, kind, entertaining, fun... She was also very careful in exchanging with us and in letting us know what she was doing or where she was going. Her English is excellent which of course also make communication easy and she also speaks perfectly Spanish and Italian her native language. We could not have been happier and our son really loved her and spending time with her. Highly recommended fantastic nanny.

O mně

Hello, my name is Didi and I'm a maternity nurse at level 4 trained with Babyem UK. I also worked as a postnatal doula and nanny. I've more than 25 years of experience with children and my calling is all about newborns. I'm not new on this platform, and I also work and I'm registered with some of the most valued and renowned childcare agency in the UK. My references are available and impeccable. I'm energetic, good natured and reliable. The families I worked for will be more than happy to tell you about me and what I do for them. My approach is baby lead, and caring. I focused on the baby's body language and queues, with tenderness and patience while I establish a routine.
Please don't hesitate to ask everything you need and if you think I could be a good fit let me know. I would really love to work for your family, looking forwards to hearing from you.
I will be in Prague for Consultations from the 25th of April until the 16th of May 2023 Please enquire for availability and rates


mostly monday to friday, but please ask for weekend

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