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Veronika D.

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Anna Č.12/11/2023Cleaning

Naprostá spokojenost. Veronika je milá a pečlivá. Moc děkujeme. :)

About me

Hello, my name is Veronika. I am meticulous and reliable, so you don't have to worry about sloppy work. During the summer with various people in Austria and also during the year when the opportunity arises. I have experience with many types of cleaning, so there is no problem in agreeing on what you need. I don't have a fixed daily schedule at the moment, but the afternoon hours suit me better. I move around Brno.

What I offer:
Cleaning any space
Regular cleaning or cleaning after events
Classic services such as:
Washing windows
Vacuuming and washing floors
Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens
Laundry and ironing
Other cleaning services according to your needs

Why choose me:
Experienced and reliable
Professional approach
Emphasis on cleanliness and quality


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