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  • First Aid Certificate
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  • Attented special First-aid course focused on children from OS Czech Red Cross Prague 1


500 Kč/hour

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  • 57 years
  • 10 years experience
  • Covid-19 vaccine


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Střední ekonomická škola, obor Všeobecná ekonomika. Osvědčení Chůva pro děti do zahájení školní docházky (MPSV). Certifikovaný lektor (MŠMT). Řidičský půskaz skupiny B.

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Mariana S.30/10/2023Verification center

Quinn is always clean, happy, and relaxing under Lucie's care. Lucie has a natural talent for creating a safe, calm, and nurturing environment for our baby. She ensures that our child is not only well cared for but also engaged in age-appropriate activities, fostering her development and growth.
One of the qualities we value most in Lucie is her punctuality. She always arrives on time, ensuring that parents can maintain a predictable routine. This reliability has been a significant relief for us, as we can always count on her to be there when we need her.
Furthermore, Lucie goes above and beyond her role as a caregiver. She willingly assists with pediatrician appointments/visits and light house cleaning, which has made a substantial difference in our daily lives. Her proactive approach has alleviated a significant amount of stress for me. Hollie L.

Gabriela P.25/10/2022Babysitting - via this platform

Paní Lucie je pro mně velmi příjemná, sympatická a profesionální osoba, kde vidím její velké zkušenosti s hlídáním a hlavně hezký, jemný a edukativní přístup k dítěti. Je skvěle dochvilná, spolehlivá, pečlivá, vždy s příjemnou náladou a úžasně zvládá i občasné dceřiné pláče. Jsem velmi ráda, že jsem našla v ní přesně takového člověka na hlídání, na kterého se můžu ve všech těchto směrech spolehnout.

Mariana S.24/11/2021Verification center

Lucie is a great childminder and caregiver! She is very sensitive towards a child’s signals and quickly recognises their personalities. Lucie sees children’s potential and is able to identify and interpret their behaviours for what they are and what needs are behind them (instead of simply judging them as misbehaviours that need correction). That is an extremely rare quality! Her experience and expertise with (special) children and her ability to easily connect with them (through play) and communicate face to face make Lucie exceptional. Ms. Lucie clearly loves children and enjoys spending time with them. She builds trust with them by showing interest and understanding into their feelings, interests, and wishes. Lucie has a calm personality that’s very hard to shake. She can keep her cool even in tough situations and can even convey educational content in a playful and fun way. Personally I would recommend Ms. Lucie as a babysitter or nanny to everybody without the slightest hesitation! Her unique approach and wonderful support are an asset to every child’s and families’ life! Ir S.

About me

I am higly specialized in the care of newborns, toddlers and gifted kids.
Need some free time and want to be sure your child is well-looked after?
I offer reliable care for your children.
I also provide personalized care not only to the baby, but also to the family.
I hold professional qualifications from the Ministry of Labour and social affairs in (Nanny For Babies) services.
I am a peer consultant for mothers facing psychological difficulties in motherhood.
I have no problem working late hours and accepting last minute / urgent calls.
Your baby will always be outside in the fresh air, I like spending time outdoors.
I apply the latest evidence-based Mindfulness practices.
I work with gifted children in Mensa ČR. I am using the unigue NTC methods. (set of techniques and specially designed exercises that lead to increased intellectual abilities in preschool children).
I am also cooperating with my son (22yrs.), who has been taking care of children 3 yrs. and above, under my supervision.
I also have First aid courses, Montessori education, and I am able to do therapeutic newborn massage.
I can accompany the family on trips, for work, holidays, or follow them when they are alternating their stay abroad or in the Czech Republic.
I have very good recomendations from pediatritions and parents.
I am a mother of three (adults).
💚“My commitment is to nurture happiness in children wherever I may be.”
You can rely on me.💚


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General Experience


25 years


25 years


25 years


25 years


25 years

Special Experience

Care for Sick Children, Sleep Disorders, and Visual Impairment

Mám zkušenosti s péčí o nadané děti a s jejich rozvojem. Uplatňuji metodu vzdělávání NTC ve spolupráci s Mensou ČR. I have experience in caring for and developing gifted children. I apply the NTC method of education in cooperation with Mensa ČR.


Čeština, English, and Russian


Certifikovaná chůva pro děti do zahájení povinné školní docházky. Lektor mimoškolních zařízení. Certified Nanny for children before they start their compulsory schooling. Certified Lecturer.


Where babysit

Primary city: Praha » Praha 6

Where am I available too?: Karlovy Vary, Karlovarský kraj

Na požádání pracuji i ve Varech.