First aid course focused on children

'Are the sitters prepared for critical situations? How are they going to deal with them? '

For the sitters: information about free terms and first aid courses you will find in your profile.

We wish the time spent together with children was always happy for the both parties. Unfortunately, we know this may not always be the case and some injuries might accidentally happen. That is why we have decided to contact the Czech Red Cross and to offer the sitters the opportunity to attend a first-aid course focused on children.

What have the sitters learnt?

  • they know the first aid and they are able to give it to children from newborns to school age
  • they know how to call an ambulance and what to do in case of head injury or child poisoning
  • can help with burns, fractures or scrapes

How was the course designed?

The first aid course was mainly based on practical skills. The sitters have tried how to help when somebody becomes unconscious, how to resuscitate (on the dummy baby as well as an older child), how to proceed in case of suffocation or how to stop bleeding. They have seen the photos and videos about injuries and they know how to deal with such situations.

What do the participants say about the course?

„Bylo to naprosto úžasné. Lektorka vše podávala jasně, srozumitelně, klidové činnosti prokládala aktivnějšími a tak jsem ani nepostřehla, že jsou 4 hodiny pryč :). Jsem moc ráda, že jsem se zúčastnila, opravdu jsem si včerejšek užila.“

Do you want to learn something new about the first aid?

Go through our first aid guide, which Hlídač published together with the Czech Red Cross Prague 1.

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