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She attended the first aid course with certificate.

Kateřina Š.

150 Kč/hour


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  • 24 years
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Bezproblemova domluva, velmi mila a prijemna slecna. S uklidem jsem spokojena, na vsem se dalo domluvit, nic nebyl problem, byla pecliva a jeste prijemna na maleho syna, ktery se kolem neustale zvedave motal :). Urcite mohu doporucit a rada rezervuji opakovane. Dekuji 💐

About me

Hello:) My name is Kačka and I am true animal lover. I have huge experience with numerous animals- dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish,... but the biggest love goes to dogs. If your dog behaves ok during walks, I'm okay with all breeds and all sizes of dogs :D (stubborn bigger dogs might be too much for me, I'm a little weak for them). If you need to leave the dog with me (at my place), I prefer smaller or mid size dogs:) Hamsters etc can stay with me over night, more days are also possible.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

Bigger dogs who are not obedient during walks might be problematic for me. Does your dog like other dogs, children, people? Is it trusting? Can I take itoff the leash during the walk? Will it come back when I call it?
Anything special or significant for your animal?


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